Always Buying Coins



At Glenn's Rare Coins, Inc., we carry a large and diverse inventory of United States and world coins to appeal to a wide range of collectors and investors, plus a few other items of interest.  And, we offer personalized services at competitive prices!


  For years we have used a motto of "Always Buying Coins." We also enjoy filling want lists. While the Internet is a new venture for us, we hope to deserve your business by fulfilling your requests ASAP in a friendly and responsible manner.


 While our main source of income is from the buying and selling of coins, we do not worship gold and silver.  We realize some may be suspect of this as just a way of getting you to do business with us.  Not so!  It's just that in having the presence of God's love in our lives, we have found something so exciting we just have to share it.


  Please take time to "surf" our site. Ask questions, make comments.


  We hope you will enjoy our entire website. We welcome your input, and please don’t hesitate to tell us how we may be of help to you.  We don’t expect to be the biggest company you do business with, but God willing, we hope to be one of the best.


Phone: (727) 418-8698